I had experienced hair fall for a year before my mother realized that this was not a common stress problem leading to hair fall. My hair had started thinning initially and then the bald patch had started showing slowly. It was then that we researched and found most of our questions answered by VCraft Cosmeticz hair Transplant. They perform a gamut of procedures. However, after examining my case I was advised to undergo Mesotherapy at VCraft Cosmeticz. I was told my problem can be salvaged through a treatment called Mesotherapy. I was thrilled at the prospect of a non-invasive method to revive my hair. As the doctor educated us about Mesotherapy it sounded perfect and promising. Meso is the middle layer of skin into which the doctors administer a connotation of vitamins and minerals with a hair growth stimulant. This not only coaxes the healthy follicles to grow hair faster but also aides in preserving the current hair. The procedure involved tiny injections being injected into the scalp. It did not take long and I could go home without feeling any discomfort. The consequent growth of hair started showing up around 4 months later. By the 6th month, I had my hair back, a little denser than before.

Rajesh Naik, Student (19) - Underwent Mesotherapy

Hi. I approach VCraft Cosmeticz after a lot of research. I also had my earlier experience of eyebrow transplant to fall back on, which to say the least was not satisfactory. I wanted to enhance the shape of my eyebrow along with intensifying the same. Mine was a more aesthetic need. Being already experienced with an earlier transplant, I knew I would have to undergo Follicular Unit Extraction for the same. The procedure involves donor follicles being extracted from the donor site to be transplanted to the recipient site. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. At VCraft Cosmeticz, my eyebrows literally got a life. The arch was made precisely as I wanted, which was zeroed on after a lot of discussions. I loved the fact that they understood my anxiety, with a blotched job in the past and made sure that I was comfortable and asked for any changed I would like until the last moment too. Today I have the perfect brow and I love them. I do maintain them as hair from the head, transplanted onto the brows doesn’t change the growth cycle of the same. Hence needs regular trimming and maintenance.

Vidya Shashi (24, Professional) - Eyebrow Transplant

I am at an age where a little hair thinning is expected but not balding. I have good genetics but I do admit to an unhealthy lifestyle. Due to my profession, I travel, have meetings after meetings and a lot of deadlines to meet. To top it off I smoke a lot. This has added to my hair woes. When I started balding I realized I was losing an unusual amount of hair but kept a visit to a hair transplant clinic on the back burner. This was a mistake. When I finally made it to the clinic, during the consultation I was asked what I was looking for. VCraft Cosmeticz listened to me and that was impressive. After examining my condition I was told that I am suffering from Male Pattern Baldness, which was quite common and that I had a good chance at regrowing my hair with a transplant. I was not willing to undergo any kind of surgery, which I was assured will not be necessary anyway. I opted for the Follicular Unit Extraction. Performed under local anaesthesia, the donor grafts from the back of my head were transplanted onto the front of the head. This was transplanted dense. For the crown, for a more natural look, the grafts were kept sparse but PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) was injected to induce faster growth. It has been 8 months since and I must congratulate VCraft Cosmeticz on an awesome job done. I must add that a friend of mine who suffers from Alopecia followed suit and went to VCraft Cosmeticz. He was asked to go for an FUE too, but since he needed for grafts to cover his completely bald head, hair from his body was used. And the results are just amazing. He is now a full headed man and feels much more confident.

Nalin Sarkar (44, advertising professional) - Follicular Unit Extraction

Being a woman, my hair is my crowning glory. I had good hair all through but after my 40th birthday, I started losing a little more than usual. I was not happy about this and went on to do tests to see if I had any ailment or if I had imbalanced hormones. My results came back negative. That was when someone suggested that I consult VCraft Cosmeticz. I went for a consultation and ended up getting my scalp examined. I was told I still had good hair. All I needed was a booster to make my hair grow stronger and get the good follicles sprout hair. I was advised Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP. When I heard about the procedure I was extremely happy. I had done my research and understood that PRP is a successful treatment. It was a lunchtime procedure for me. I went in for the PRP appointment. A blood sample was taken, which I was given to understand will be run through a centrifuge to let the plasma separate from the blood. This was then injected into my scalp at random places where the doctor saw tiny bald patches or where the hair had thinned too much. I love the way my hair has responded to the treatment. It’s been a year now and I have my hair back and more. The best part of this treatment is that I can go for a second phase of the same treatment whenever I feel the need for it.

Sheila Menzes (41, homemaker) - Platelet Rich Plasma Envato

Stem cells are known for its regenerative nature. I was convinced I will benefit from this treatment though this is termed as an alternative treatment. When I walked into the premise of VCraft Cosmeticz, I was examined and consulted. I was asked what I was looking for. When I told them I was looking for stem therapy they agreed that given the mild hair fall condition of my hair (especially for someone my age), Stem cell therapy can surely be beneficial. This procedure basically functions on the fundamental of stem cell being extracted from the donor site from the back of the hair along with the follicles. These are then treated to regenerate. Hence they double in numbers. In another session, the original follicles along with the regenerated ones are transplanted on to the recipient site. The consequent hair is always denser. I am extremely happy with the way my hair looks and feels now. Though I had researched so much the only fear I had was of my final look being artificial and my hair feels like threads. I found out all my fears were baseless. Thank you VCraft Cosmeticz for the amazing transformation you helped me achieve.

Ganesh Pathak (Businessman, 55) - Platelet Rich Plasma Envato