FUE Hair Transplant Clinic in Pune

Hair transplant is to take hair from the back of the head where it is abundant and implanting these hair in the areas where there is hair loss.VCraft Cosmeticz offers the best form of hair transplant called FUE Hair Transplant in Pune. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is done with the help of a micro-motor. Wherein, the grafts are directly harvested as follicular units and then transplanted in the area of hair loss. In our best Hair Transplant Clinic in Pune, we treat the hair loss with DGI, DGI+, Instant DGI & Instant DGI+ techniques, which all fall under FUE Hair Transplant.

A most recommended hair transplant clinic in Pune- VCraft Cosmeticz, offers FUE Hair Transplant with the advantages of fewer complication rates, no scars, no stitches, minimally invasive and shorter recovery time. This therapy is ideal for the treatment of incipient and advanced & major hair loss.

Before we plan the procedure for FUE Hair Transplant therapy in our Hair Transplant Clinic in Pune, there are few preoperative instructions which clients need to follow. First of all, they have to get the blood tests done as told by the surgeon. And, we discuss their pre-existing medical conditions to ensure the proper planning of the surgery. Also, clients are advised to stop drinking alcohol and consume caffeine prior to the surgery. The proper precaution is taken into our best Hair Transplant Clinic in Pune so to avoid any kind of side effects resulting in 100% success in the surgery.

A single sitting for FUE Hair Transplant therapy at VCraft Cosmeticz, Pune, give a client up to 4500 to 5000 follicles depending on their skin and various other conditions. We maintain a case history record of every client for future references.

We care for our client pocket, hence provide them the EMI options. In case of monetary inconvenience or lack of funds, the client can ask the doctor to plan their sittings according to their needs. They can opt for multiple small sittings instead of one big sitting.

VCraft Cosmeticz- the best Hair Transplant Clinic in Pune, is run by experienced surgeons and doctors, who are specialists in FUE Hair Transplant therapy. They are in the business for many years and have successfully handled many cases of hair transplant. So, trust us for all your hair loss worries and visit us today to get your younger and smart look back. We assure 100% client satisfaction and 100% result.